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Who doesn't need extra sparkle in their every day life?! I have the product for YOU! This fabulous drink shimmer is 100% FDA approved with edible ingredients that can be added to make your drinks more fun all year round! It can be added to lemon-lime soda, white wines, bubbly cocktails and more!

Made from a specially manufactured mineral with food color added, there's no flavor, no texture and it won't dissolve or sink to the bottom of your drink. A little bit goes a long way, about 30-40 servings in each little jar. Shelf life of five years. All colors are vegan, GMO free, nut free and dairy free. So buy them up and make those days a little more sparkly!

It can also be added to ice cream, sprinkled on cupcakes, or even put in your kids ranch to get them to eat their vegetables! It will not change the texture or flavor of your target.

Comes in 10 different colors. 

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